Yogi Spotlight: Maud Leger

Maud Leger Pant Active

Yogi Spotlight: Maud Leger


Meet Maud Leger – Yoga teacher, contemporary dancer, meditation teacher and community leader.


Maud Leger Pant Active


Hi Maud!  Tell us a little about yourself…. where did you grow up?

I grew up in France, in a rural area one hour north of Paris.

I lived in Paris when I first moved to Australia. It was in 2009, I lived in Adelaide then. I went back and forth a few times over the course of 3 years before relocating in 2012.


How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for over 7 years.

Where did you do your Yoga Teacher Training and what styles of yoga do you enjoy the most?

 I did my first YTT with Power Living, it was one of the most transformational and rewarding experiences of my life (so far!).
I love practising a progressive style of Yoga. As I enjoy the fluidity of the movement and the challenge of advanced arm-balances, backbends and inversions I often practise Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga. I also get a lot out of tantric practices (breath and visualisation) but I am most grateful for my meditation practice (Transcendental Meditation) which allows a safe space for self-healing and self-realisation.
Maud Leger Pant Active


Did you have any other practices or athletic pursuits before yoga?

I was a professional contemporary dancer.


And did your professional dance career influence your yoga practice?

When I look back at my years dancing, it seems like I was struggling for most of it. I never received a formal dance education at Uni and so always felt like an underdog. Yoga helped me to connect further than dancing to realise that I was performing to fill up emotional gaps, and that my purpose was actually different.

Why is it that you’re so passionate about yoga?

Yoga brings together all the pieces of me. I am so grateful for the depth and complexity of this practice, because it will never dry up.


Maud Leger Pant Active yogini


Do you have any role models and, if so, why?

Deborah Hay – a NY based dance improviser. Because she knew how to guide to access my own personal power as a woman, as a mover, as a leader.

Kate Winslet because she imposed herself in Hollywood because of who she is, because of her talent and hard work, not because of her size, shape or looks. And cause I wanted to be Rose and live a romance with the handsome Jack on the Titanic!

So many of my friends are my role models, they inspire me to be my best self, to go over my shit, to pursue my dreams, to live life fully!


What are your aspirations for the next couple of years?

To dive in tropical waters, to let Love find me, to share the treasures that yoga, meditation and Ayurveda can offer.


Pant Active Maud Leger yogini


What do you do when you’re not teaching or practicing in the studio?

I cook! I love creating in the kitchen, playing with colours, textures, flavours…


What is it that appeals to you about Pant Active?

Pant Active is environmentally and socially responsible – and I love that! I love the collab with Melbourne artists. I love that the brand believes in ‘real’ people.


Favourite naughty food?

I try to move away from thinking that any food is ‘naughty’ or ‘cheating’. I enjoy anything made with love, but definitely couldn’t live without a French croissant.


Favourite song that you like to practice to?

At the moment, I am loving the French artist Fishback and her song “Un autre que moi”!


Thanks Maud!


If you’d like to meet Maud and attend one of her classes, you can find her at Power Living Melbourne and Gertrude St Yoga, both in Fitzroy.

Maud also runs private and corporate yoga classes – you can learn more at her website www.maudleger.com

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