Featured Athlete: Kerryn Siems – Strongwoman

Kerryn Siems Pant Active Athlete

Featured Athlete: Kerryn Siems – Strongwoman


Meet Kerryn Siems – Fitness professional, Strongwoman and Pant Active sponsored athlete currently holding the title of Australia’s Strongest Woman under 65kg.


Kerryn Siems Pant Active Athlete

Personal Records:

Four Records in Strongman

U65kg Deadlift – 162.5kg
U65kg Stone loaded to 1.2m platform – 100kg
ASA U72.5kg Yoke over 15m – 250kg
ASA U72.5kg Farmers over 15m – 180kg



Australia’s Strongest Woman u65kg – 2017/2018


Favourite lift:


I love the way this lift challenges me physically and mentally! Plus it has contributed massively to the improvement of my back, glute and core strength!


Best Strongwoman Moment:

Placing 2nd at The Arnolds 2017!


Worst Strongwoman Moment:

Probably thinking I had placed 1st at Victoria’s Strongest Woman 2016 and being called out in 2nd Place.


Photo: Nicole Brown


How many years have you been training and competing in Strongwoman?

I began my fitness journey about seven years ago now. I started training with a PT doing 1:1 sessions and group training sessions. I always loved the strength side to training and really enjoyed it when my PT included that aspect in my weekly program.

I began training Strongwoman in January 2016 under Strongman Coach Tyson Morrissy and competed in my first competition three weeks later which qualified me to compete at my first Arnold Strongman Championships, placing 9th out of 11. Finding a passion for this sport, I continued to learn and grow throughout the following year and returned to The Australian Arnold’s in 2017, placing 2nd out of 13 to international Strongwoman Competitor Santina Phillips, awarding me the official title of Australia’s Strongest Woman for 2017. I have made significant improvements to my lifting over the past twelve months and will be competing again at the Arnold Strongwoman Championships in Australia in March 2018.. I’ll also be travelling overseas in May to compete at the Arnold Strongwoman Championships in South Africa.


What did you do before Strongwoman?

I dabbled in a bit of everything before starting strongwoman. I did strength training because I enjoyed it but without a specific power building program, I generally never went past the weights I was comfortable with. I tried running, hot yoga, High Intensity Interval Training and Pilates! But I always came back to the weights!


Photo: Nicole Brown

Why are you so passionate about your sport?

I’m passionate about people finding their passion. I never gave up trying new things in fitness and, when I landed on Strongwoman, I knew I’d found my jam!

However, I have found that training for strongwoman has only added to my fitness – I’m a better runner, I have more endurance, I want to eat better to aid my training, I am more flexible, I’m faster and I’m more explosive in my training than I have ever been. Strongwoman has given me life in so many ways.


Kerryn Siems Pant Active Athlete

Photo: Nicole Brown


Who are your role models?

Ohh this is a hard one, I guess I really look up to my coach Tyson. He has always followed through with the goals he sets himself and while being a beast in the gym is one of the kindest, most humble and caring people I have ever met. He has taught me so much about what it takes to be a good athlete, coach, partner and friend and I really value and respect him.

Historical Figures I draw inspiration from are Martin Luther King, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, William Wilberforce and Corrie Ten Boom, each risking their life standing up for what they believed in. It gives me courage when I am moved with compassion to act for a cause, to push on even in the face of adversity.


What are your goals for the next couple of years?

To continue on the journey of inspiring women to be their best selves through my business KSS Personal Training. To platform again at Arnold’s 2018 in what is possibly the most competitive field of u65kg competitors the sport has ever seen! And to represent Australia in Strongwoman on a national level 😊


Photo: GWP Lens (Facebook & Insta: GWPLens) www.gwplens.com.au


What do you get up to outside of training and competing?

I love spending time with my husband, friends and family. I love the ocean and spending time in nature, finding time to reconnect with my thoughts and enjoying the freedom and beauty that this amazing country has to offer.


What do you like about Pant Active?

I love that Pant Active are all about sharing the Artist’s story and getting their name out there as well as providing a beautiful and unique pattern in each of their prints. I also love that everything is Australian owned and made, ensuring their product is ethically produced!

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