Can A Healthy Body Be Achieved Through A Happy Mind?

Can A Healthy Body Be Achieved Through A Happy Mind?


 by Ally Siegel


Health is more than just a thumbs up from your doctor, telling you that your body is doing fine fighting away the diseases. Health isn’t just about looking and feeling physically fit and warding off illness. Yes, these are a conducive part of it, but it’s not all there is. For decades, scientists and medical professionals have believed and continue to believe that there is an inevitable connection between the mind and the body. Several studies have shown how positive and negative brain activity affects the functioning of the body as well. Mental and physical aspects of being can either work in tandem or not, but the partnership surely exists.


What is a happy mind?


A happy mind is one that displays lesser characteristics of stress, anxiety, and lack of focus. Mentally, happiness is like that instant gratification one experiences when everything is going right for them. Practically, it’s impossible for someone to be happy all the time, and many would agree that sadness and other negative emotions create a balance in one’s life.


Do we have control over how happy we are? Sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. Happiness is one of the most subjective emotions that exist, and that’s simply why it’s impossible to quantify it. When you’re happy, you can’t add a number or a metric unit to it; you just know that you’re happy, and it shows through various physical signs.


And what are these signs?

Smiling, laughing, relaxed body language; there are so many signs that individuals display, indicating that they’re in a happy state of mind. Similarly, sadness and anger are also visible through signs.


The connection between a happy mind and a healthy body

A relaxed mind can create the perfect environment for a body to stay healthy, or at least deal with unhealthiness in the right way. Let’s understand the benefits that a happy mind can provide for the body:


  1. Happy hormones


There are a number of hormones that the body releases when we experience happiness, and yes, these hormones do have a direct impact on the body as well. Serotonin and Dopamine, for example, are two such common hormones that are released into the body. Larger amounts in the body do have positive effects, like more energy, better concentration, increased vigor, and so on.


  1. Immunity


Taking health as the main point of understanding, yes, a happy mind can help with better immunity as well. Studies show that people who are in a more relaxed and elated state of mind are less prone to falling or feeling sick. The mind can create an environment which equips the body to secrete disease fighting hormones more effectively, and this is why the immune system seems to be in better shape as well.


  1. Healthy diet

Food can be an outlet for an unhappy mind, and both stress and sadness can cause people to binge eat, snack too often, not be motivated to maintain a proper diet and so on. However, a happy mind is more motivated to eat the right food, the right amount and also at the right time, which is obviously the better option for the body. Unhealthy eating habits can ruin the performance of the body’s various systems, which becomes even more likely when the mind isn’t happy.




There’s an undoubtedly strong connection between the body and mind. Both play a part in creating an ecosystem, which is why they work as a team. As subjective as happiness is, the end goal is always the same. What we as individuals can do is figure out what makes us happy, rationalize and analyze it, and take the necessary steps towards it. If your body is a vehicle, your mind is the engine. To keep one running, the other has to be in good condition too!

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