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Special collab with TWOONE - 'Tasmania Cave' Bodysuit

TWOONE is a hungry animal.

Hiroyasu Tsuri, AKA TWOONE, moved to Melbourne from Yokohama, Japan at age 18 and fast became a leading figure in the Australian street art scene.

Best known for his large scale murals depicting tribal symbolics, animal spirits and characters, TWOONE's expression has expanded to include painting, murals, sculpting, live performances and sound installations.

We're very pleased to have TWOONE on board for an extra special, limited edition release of 50 bodysuits.

twoone fern bodysuit pantactive streetart

Photography: Melissa Cowan

Made in Melbourne from premium grade, non-transparent sports fabric, the bodysuit is perfect for all types of physical activity - swimming, yoga or simply styled with jeans or skirt for a night out.

Visit our webstore to pick up your very own special release TWOONE bodysuit before they're all gone!


twoone fern bodysuit pantactive

twoone mural streetart pantactive


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