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A fresh lick of paint for Pant Active's Collingwood HQ!

Last weekend we were privileged to have Melbourne and Brisbane based street artists Dose and Gus killing it at our Collingwood HQ. Straight from Granny's garden, the work the boys turned out was insanely fresh!

Gus' speciality is realistic portraiture, and his negative exposure piece was outstanding. We love the work of this emerging Brisbane-based artist and will be following his movements closely.

Dosey, the Doctor with a PhD in style, wrapped his inimitable lettering and pattern work around the building with the grace and skill of a true master. Stay peeped for a Dose X Pant Active collab coming to you soon ;)

As usual, the pictures don't do justice, so we strongly advise that you swing past the studio (127 Campbell St, Collingwood) and enjoy these pieces in the flesh. You'll also find the beautiful, funky pieces of two of our currently featured artists, Shawn Lu and Ruskidd. Take photos, bust a twisty yoga move, or just stand there and admire the talent of these impressive artists. Tag us in your pic and we may just feature you on our instagram page!

Be a part of the culture that Melbourne is famous for :)

 Pant Active Dose Graf Mural Spraycans Progress

 Pant Active Dose Graf Mural Shawn Lu Leggings Hoodie

 Pant Active HQ Dosey Street Art Mural


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