Liz Craven - Powerlifting
Liz Craven Pant Active Powerlifting

Mum, Fashionista and Australia’s #1 Powerlifter.

Liz Craven is a force of nature in the world of powerlifting. The top ranked 52kg lifter in the world and Australia’s top lifter overall, she is the current world record holder in the back squat with an insane 155.5kg.

Liz is a certified badass and we are very proud to have her on the PA Crew.

Maud Leger - Yoga
Maud Leger Pant Active

Maud teaches Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to allow people to feel connected to their essence. With a lifelong passion for movement, her interest lies in the the physical practice of Yoga and the effect of Asana and Pranayama on the body, mind and movement of energies. She also practices Transcendental Meditation and firmly believes in its healing and transformative power.

Alana Curnow - Strongwoman
Alana Curnow Pant Active Strong Woman

Alana Curnow is a competitive strongwoman and won the title of Australia’s Strongest Woman in 2017, Australia’s most Powerful Woman in 2016 and smashed the world record atlas stone lift in 2015 with an incredible 138.2kg lift.

Amanda Hill - Strongwoman

Amanda Hill AKA ‘Strongmanda’ is a competitive strongwoman holding the titles of 3rd Strongest Woman in Australia and 2nd Strongest Woman in Victoria.

She is an all round legend of a human and we are pumped to have her on the PA Crew.

Jennalea McInnes - Yoga

Jennalea McInnes AKA ‘JL’ is a well respected yoga teacher in Melbourne. Teaching at three different studios across town, she is known for her energetic practice and down to Earth nature. Her aim for her students is to cultivate in them the same devotion, passion and trust in their practice and process of yoga that has been so transformative in her own life.

Jennalea is also a qualified Nutritionist. Her goal is to elevate her patients’ vitality with food as medicine. Correcting nutritional deficiencies & healing through choices in diet, lifestyle and naturopathic principles of “nature care”.

Claire Coate - Crossfit
Claire Coat Pant Active Athlete

Claire Coate is a born athlete. Starting out in the world of competitive soccer, Claire made the shift to Crossfit in 2015 and never looked back. She trains twice a day and is committed to the lifestyle of an athlete. We’re inspired by the level of committment to her sport and are proud to support her as a member of the PA Crew.

Aimee Challies - Garuda Pilates
Aimee Challies Pant Active Athlete

Aimee’s passion for movement began as a young, aspiring, ballet student. After a natural gravitation towards teaching, Aimee certified with Polestar Pilates International. Since then she has continued teaching and studying Pilates, Yoga and Garuda for over 12 years and regularly teaches workshops throughout London, Europe, Australia and NZ.


Mariko Whyte - Strongwoman/Fire-Twirler
Mariko Whyte Pant Active Strong Woman

Mariko Whyte is a Melbourne native who was born to be strong. She is currently Victoria’s Strongest Woman in the middlewight category, came 5th at the USS PRO Strongwoman Worlds and is on a trajectory to greatness. She’s also an amazing fire-twirler and can be found on stages and at gigs performing her craft.

Kerryn Siems - Strongwoman

Kerryn Siems is a personal trainer and strongwoman athlete who is passionate about helping women achieve their health, strength and fitness goals.

She is currently ranked Australia’s Strongest Woman under 65kg with her eyes fixed firmly on the 2018 Arnold Strongwoman Championships.


You can learn more about Kerryn here