About Pant Active

Get to know us.

The project of a Melbourne-born brother-sister team who wanted to combine their passion for design and active lifestyles, PANT ACTIVE is about celebrating the creative energy bursting from our streets.

Artist Designed

We collaborate with talented urban artists to produce limited edition prints on premium quality leggings and active wear. We appreciate the individual expression of our artists and we aim to carry that value through to the wearer.

Our Products

Based in the lively, creative city of Melbourne, all parts of our process including design, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing and distribution happen here in Australia. We’re proud to be an Australian made label and we plan to keep it that way.

Australian Made
We believe in expressing yourself in a way that makes you come alive. Be strong. Be bold. Be unique and have fun. Never dull. Always fresh. Made in Australia.
Quality Assured

We work with the best to provide you the best. We source the best materials to ensure that no matter what you’re tackling in your Pant Active product, we’ve got you covered.